The AGEIA-Havok Debate

Does loading a PhysX PPU board reduce the FPS of the game?

This is about the AGEIA vs Havok debate that is currently ongoing. AGEIA, a company that has released the world’s first consumer physics engine board, PhysX, and Havok, the de facto physics engine middleware .

The point is that the PhysX PPU allows us to handle more debris and effects, but at this time the GPU ‘s power isn’t enough to render them, which reduces FPS. It seems. It’s a likely story. 

Well, I wonder if I should reduce the resolution and image quality.

BFG Ageia PhysX Processor Card

Also, in the current situation, there seems to be a problem that PhysX is used only for effect physics and its true value is unknown. It would be nice if there was a PhysX- only title that makes heavy use of physics involved in gameplay, but is there such a title? The market is extremely narrow, so I wonder if it’s hard to sell. Expectations for hobby programmers, I wonder.

10-16 FPS slower with hardware PPU, I guess we need another GPU (SLI) to help render the added debris and effects I get from using the PPU.

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